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In the last 10 years, we have built a legacy at Angel kids International School, Aurangabad credits to our well-thought-out academic structure. A legacy that is meant to last for many more years to come in the form of all our students’ success stories. Angel Kids International School, Aurangabad is a CBSE I-X co-educational school established in 2015 by B.E.S.T Group of Institutions in their continual efforts to make quality education accessible in Aurangabad region. As one of the best CBSE schools in Aurangabad, the school is well equipped with integrated science lab along with a computer lab consisting of a sufficient number of devices to cater to the students better. This enables the student to develop practical knowledge and scientific curiosity by conducting experiments in the lab.

  • Students of Angel kids International School, Aurangabad have outshined in all sports at, inter-school, , district, state, levels. School’s playground, separate playing area for basketball, football, and has acted as a foundation for all our students to find their talent and refine their skills. Classrooms are perfectly built to provision the class strength.
  • Principal Sir, Tukaram Mundhe's 12 vision points, commits to fostering academic excellence. Angel Kids Group’s efforts on the education front have been finely put by our principal, has worked relentlessly and selflessly to spread the light of education as far as possible. Every student and teacher will vouch for it.”
  • Our principal strongly believes that education enables students to soar high - morally, socially, and spiritually. The school curriculum not only allows students to learn thoroughly but also gives flexibility to teachers to adopt innovative teaching methods, resulting in a harmonious relationship between our teachers and students.
  • School learning is the acquisition of knowledge, subject matter, information, understanding, and skill from teaching. Research on learning and memory provides teachers with essential scientific knowledge that is useful for understanding and improving school learning.
  • We Angel kids International School assure the stake holders to take utmost care while taking over learning pedagogies and delivering the lectures in a playful learning manner.
  • The teachers in our school are highly efficient and reliable who take pleasure in teaching dedicatedly.
  • School environment is nature surrounded well equipped with science lab, maths lab, computer lab, library to enhance learning.

Four walls with tomorrow inside!

Nursery Schools, also known as pre-primary schools, are a stepping stone to a bright future. They play an integral role in the growth and development of children. These schools help build a strong foundation and prepare them for primary school. With a curriculum that combines playing with learning, nursery schools aim at inculcating good social skills in children at an early age.

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